The Yongsan Air Station, which was established in Yongsan, Seoul, will be opened on the afternoon of July 8, with a total construction cost of 5.5 billion won donated by the PC Group’s affiliate Chunchram.

The opening ceremony will be attended by Yongsan District Governor Sung Jang-hyun, Rep. Chin Il-hwan of the Minjoo Party of Korea, Kwon In-tae, chairman of the main opposition Democratic Party, and key officials.

Yongsan Air Museum, a joint venture between Yongsan District and the Park Chun-rae, is located next to SPC’s flagship store, Fashion 5.

Yongsan Air Station is a four-story building with a total floor area of 2,800 m2. The basement level 1 to 3 is a 104-sided parking lot operated by the party dealer, and the first floor is a craft shop. On the second floor, you can experience hanbok and pottery, and a professional craftsman’s workshop will be moved in. On the third floor, there are ” Craftwork Battlehouse, ” a craft training center for the general public, and five rooms for each field. The fourth floor has multi-purpose rooms and outdoor concert halls.

The Yongsan Air and Training Hall hired 24 elderly and older workers, and also created jobs for middle-aged people, including those who will be in charge of the public service.

An official from SPC Group said, ” The ” Sangwon Yegwan ” will create public jobs for senior citizens and young people, and will be able to contribute to the local community by solving parking problems. “. Jeon Sang-hee