Seoul’s Yongsan district (district head Sung Jang-hyun) announced on Thursday that it won the best co-operating cooperation award in the second half of the year for its construction.

The Yongsan ward is being constructed with the aim of opening in mid-December. The Yongsan Technical Center is an exotic facility that aims to have a ” one seat, three trillion won ” effect, from the succession of traditional culture to job creation to the solution of parking.

It is a four-story building with a total floor area of 2,800 ㎡. The exhibition hall for artifacts, 10 workshops, a craft experience training center, a ceramic experience center, and a traditional Korean clothing rental experience hall.

This project is also seen as a case of cooperation between private and government offices. Yongsan District will provide a site for the former Women’s Cultural Center in Hannam, while the SPC Group affiliate Buchcrach Prize will establish a public service center and offer money to the former district. Free use of the parking lot is a condition. The county has saved 5.1 billion won in building costs.

Many foreign tourists and young people visit Garosu-gil in Hannam-dong, where Gongyeong Hall will be built. While the number of multinational cafes, restaurants, and cultural facilities is increasing, the center has put ” ours. ”

It is also a good example of creating public jobs for the elderly, middle aged and young. This year, they hired 27 residents aged 60 or older, who can produce traditional crafts and experience arts. This year, 16 more senior citizens will be selected to assist in the sale of crafts and operation of pottery experience centers. It will hire eight young professionals who can collaborate with the elderly. In addition, he created a total of six jobs for the middle-aged, including three civil servants with the time option to manage public service centers.

Since parking spaces on 107 sides are newly secured due to the construction of public spaces, the traffic congestion will likely be resolved in large part. The owner of the parking lot will be in charge of operation and maintenance of the parking lot. It is predicted that the parking fee will be set at the level of the nearby public parking lot.

” Of the 35 businesses that were accepted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government for the win-win cooperation, the construction of Yongsan Air Station could be evaluated as the best, ” said Sung Jang-hyun, head of Yongsan District Office.